“Without training and preparation, militaries, police or peacekeepers react wrongly, do not react or overreact”

The Dallaire Initiative’s training produces better, more specialized soldiers, police, and peacekeepers. Our preventative training changes attitudes, behaviours and policies of militaries, police and peacekeepers, allowing them to counter-act the issue of child soldiers with specific tools and knowledge. This approach represents a strategic investment that over the long term produces more cost-effective solutions.

The Abuse of Youth as a Weapons of War is a Reality that Can't be Resolved the Day you Face them in the Field

Many groups or organizations are prepared to tell military, police and peacekeepers what not to do; the Dallaire Initiative focuses on what they can do—ultimately helping the security sector be part of the solution.

The Dallaire Initiative’s proactive, targeted and preventative training ensures that the militaries, police, and peacekeepers are able to prevent the recruitment and use of child soldiers in the field effectively with the necessary tools and knowledge required. This work with the security secotr—is breaking new ground, and is a critical part of interrupting the cycle of recruitment of children by armed groups. The Dallaire Initiative’s training ensures a response by the security sector actor that is just right and protects all those involved—from the peacekeeper to the child.

Training Projects and Highlights

Focusing upon prevention rather than the costly demobilisation and reintegration process, the Dallaire Initiative prepares military, police and peacekeepers to prevent the recruitment and use of child soldiers. Our training of the security sector is part of our world class proactive and prevention oriented approach.


National Training Program

Partnering with the Uganda Defence Force (UPDF), the Dallaire Initiative is training the Ugandan military to strengthen their capacity to prevent the use and recruitment of child soldiers at home and abroad.

Sierra Leone

National Training Program

Embedded within the national security structure of Sierra Leone, our training is building the capacity of security sector personnel to understand and implement strategies for preventing the use and recruitment of child soldiers at home and abroad.

Canadian Police

Building Connections Across Canada

The Building Connections Canadian police project aims to work with police and community organizations to build tools and knowledge to prevent youth from undertaking extreme violence.

Conducting Training

Innovative Training Tools

We are translating knowledge into action through innovative tools that are helping military, police and peacekeepers to prevent the recruitment and use of child soldiers. These tools help deliver and reinforce our innovative training in the classroom and in the field.

Our Impact

We lead the way on research addressing critical gaps in knowledge on child soldiers, pioneering work on child soldiers as an early warning indicator of mass atrocities, and creating the world’s first training handbook focused on child soldiers. We conduct high-level advocacy with governments and international organisations, helping to shape the United Nations Security Council resolutions and impacting policies at the UN and NATO.