July 6, 2023

The Parent


My medicine has run out and with war at our doorstep no doctors have ventured to this part of town for many weeks. Since the rebels made a checkpoint on the other side of the river I have been unable to get my medicine. I am weak and don’t want my daughter to risk interacting with the rebels.

Miriam, my eldest daughter, is 12 years old; she has been taking care of me and her younger sister for some time now. Miriam’s school has not been open for the past month and I am troubled that she will fall behind in her studies because of the conflict. She is very young but has been working hard to make us food, and keep enough water in the house.

David, my son, at 15 years is now the man of the family since his father was killed several months ago. David left for school one day before the rebels came to our village, he has not returned. I worry every day for his safety.