Quick 5: Children Affected by Armed Conflict in the News

Dustin Johnson

July 21, 2023

By: Dustin Johnson

Read some of the top stories we are following around the world this week.

As CAR peace deal unravels, uncertainty looms for thousands of child soldiers

The ancient gilded room of a Catholic community group in Rome was perhaps an unlikely setting for a crucial meeting on the Central African Republic (CAR). But this June, representatives from the Central African government and 13 armed groups gathered in the headquarters of the Saint’ Egidio peace group where they signed a peace accord.

African Arguments, July 13th

Orphans of Isis emerge from rubble of battle to face angry, vengeful troops

Caked in dust, dazed and emaciated, the two young sons of an Isis foreign fighter squatted in the rubble beside their injured father, silent, staring listlessly into the middle distance as they waited to learn their fate.

The Times, July 19th

In South Sudan, a child soldier long thought dead comes back

She had no body to bury, so the grieving mother kneeled in the dirt outside her small hut, recited psalms and simply traced her finger over the uneven earth.

AP, July 21st

Lord’s Resistance Army increasingly active, UN warns

The United Nations is warning of increasing activity by an African rebel group led by one of the world’s most wanted men after the United States and Uganda recently gave up their pursuit.

Bloomberg, July 13th

UN warned not to whitewash ‘grave violations against children’ in Yemen

Charities have urged the UN to name and shame the Saudi-led coalition over child rights violations in Yemen after research showed more than 120 children were killed or maimed in airstrikes by the alliance last year.

The Guardian, July 20th