Case Study: Innovations in Monitoring and Reporting

Dustin Johnson

September 20, 2023

An important component of the prevention of children’s right abuses is ensuring that violations are reported on in a timely manner, are addressed by the relevant authorities, and that information is shared between appropriate security, child protection, and humanitarian agencies. Mr. Gbow’s work in Somalia has contributed significantly to the monitoring and reporting of children’s rights violations on the ground, thought improving collaboration and communications between the Somali government and security forces, AMISOM, the UN, and humanitarian agencies.

To help ensure that such crimes are reported and addressed, Mr. Gbow helped to set up a toll-free, anonymous phone line for reporting conflict-related sexual violence and abuse. This allows Somali civilians to safely report instances of rights abuses, even when they might be perpetrated by Somali or AMISOM forces, helping to tackle the problem of impunity.