Children Should Not Fight Wars

Yet, tens of thousands of children are forced, coerced or born into conflict every day where they end up fighting that adults created.
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War Has Changed

Therefore our tactics must change too. The Romeo Dallaire Child Soldier Initiative aims to work with militaries, police, policy makers, academics and humanitarians to make a long-term impact in preventing the recruitment and use of child soldiers.


The use of child soldiers is one of the farthest-reaching and most disturbing trends in contemporary conflict. Through viewing child soldiers as a security sector concern, we work to counteract the strategic and tactical advantages of child soldiers. By interrupting the reasons for their use, we can end the recruitment and use of child soldiers once and for all.

Why We Do It

Our Impact

We lead the way on research addressing critical gaps in knowledge on child soldiers, pioneering work on child soldiers as an early warning indicator of mass atrocities, and creating the world’s first training handbook focused on child soldiers. We conduct high-level advocacy with governments and international organisations, helping to shape the United Nations Security Council resolutions and impacting policies at the UN and NATO.


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