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My Life As a Child Soldier
Writen by: Ulric Quee I*EARN-Sierra Leone Freetown

It was around 6:00 am when our town was attacked by armed men all dressed in black t-shirts and black jeans. they were in hundreds and some of these men speak foreign languages. Then my father called me and said that now that the rebels are we should try to live this town and head for another nearby village. We set off for the next village and we worked approximately 6 miles, at that time I was only 9 years old. Unfortunately for us very close to this village we met a small group of men and they opened fire on us. In this I lost my dad and mom and I was the only one left. what should I do and where must I go. I know nothing and I cried all night alone in this very dense forest.

I left about 8:00 pm to continue my journey. I walked for about an hour having nothing to eat ro drink then I suddenly saw a stream. I was drinking then I was surrounded by tall huge men and the one yield at me " What are you doing here you small boy you're a spy I'm going to kill you now." With these words Istarted trembling, then he said "Are going to join us or choose to die" then I say whatever you want to do with me I'm willing. I was then taken to their main base in that region and I was tied up for one week eating dry Cassava and drinking filthy water. One man who was living in my village and was one of them pleaded that they should let me go. and since that day I became a full childsoldier. I was injected with cocaine and then given an AK 47 riffle to carry. I started going to front lines killing people raping and do all sorts of bad things.

I never realized all that I was doing because I was filled with drugs. I became a captain in the jungle after 8 months and had my own group that I controled. I became extra raw and thought of nothing but killing. We then set off to attack the main city. I liked to do this because I knew that there was a lot of money, fine houses and I could get all that I wanted there. We entered the city and the battle was a fierce one. I was not able to stand this and I was captured by the government forces.

My life in the jungle was very fierce. I was doing this, but It was not me that was doing all these things, but the drugs that were in me.


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