Kalleigh Maxwell joined the Roméo Dallaire Initiative in June 2019 as the Finance Officer with a passion for numbers and making people smile. She is a student enrolled at Dalhousie University working to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance as well as a Bachelor of Science in Economics.  

Prior to the Initiative, Kalleigh has worked with international non-profits since 2010, specifically as an Advisor, Young Adult Ambassador, and a Fundraising Representative for Heartbeat Ministries Int. This is an organization that is in rural, south-east Kenya and deals specifically with giving impoverished people in that area a hand-up out of poverty and accessibility to the tools they need to effectively sustain themselves and their families. She has also volunteered with Days for Girls Int., as a Canadian intern, teacher of Women’s Health & Safety, and a distributor of reusable feminine hygiene kits to several high schools in rural Kenya over the last few years. 

She can speak English and French fluently, and can read and write in Spanish. Her hobbies include anything to do with music, food, hikes, and spending time with friends and family.