Jennifer joined the initiative in July of 2015 and brought with her the logistical experience necessary for her role as Manager of Training. Generally known to run towards a challenge, Jennifer has toiled across the Canadian wilderness as a Treeplanter and Crewboss, acted as a Conflict Resolutions Facilitator with the Northern Ireland Conflict Resolution Program in Belfast, thrived as an English Teacher in Taiwan and traveled the globe whenever the opportunity arose. 

Her experience led her to work in Uganda as a Program Support Officer for a local NGO called Uganda Landmine Survivors Association (ULSA). She worked with landmine survivors to develop innovative approaches for support and self-sufficiency by providing capacity building, small business, and soft skills training to help with social reintegration. It was through this program that she first became intimately introduced to the issue of child soldiers. 

Directly prior to joining the Dallaire Initiative, Jennifer worked with the Canadian Red Cross (CRC). Over the years with the CRC, Jennifer held positions within the Humanitarian Issues program, the Respect Education Program with a focus on violence and abuse prevention, Health Equipment Loan Program and Disaster Management. One of her most memorable experiences with the CRC was coordinating the 8 the annual ‘Move Your World’ Youth Conference, in collaboration with the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation. This 4-day conference gave youth the opportunity to learn about International Humanitarian Law, Active Global Citizenship, and Ethical volunteerism. 

Jennifer received her Bachelors of Arts in International Development studies with a minor in Philosophy from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.