James Lawrence Kormoinah Tucker began his career working for the Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone in the capacity of National Children Coordinator.  He was later recruited into the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces and he is still a serving military officer in the rank of Major.  He was trained and commissioned at the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna, Nigeria. He is currently on secondment with the Dallaire Initiative in the Capacity of Child Protection Officer.  

In his military Career, he has served in the capacities of Platoon Commander (1999 – 2001), Training Instructor (2001 – 2002), Company Commander (2003 – 2004), Battalion Training Officer, Intelligence Officer and Operations Officer (2004 – 2006), Staff Officer training Grade 3 HQ Joint Force Command (2006 – 2008), Military Observer – United Nations African Mission in Darfur (2009 – 2010), Training and Operations Officer (2010 – 2011), Military Assistance to the Assistant Chief of Defence Staff for Personnel and Training MoD (2011 – 2012), Directing Staff Horton Academy (2012 – 2014), Military Assistant to  Assistant Chief of Defence Staff for Personnel and Training (2014 – 2015), Public Relations and Information Officer MoD (2015 – 2016), Safety and Security Officer – United Nations Mission in Somalia (2016 – 2017), Directing Staff Horton Academy (2017 – 2018), and Child Protection Officer with the Dallaire Initiative (2018 to present).   

In the course of his work, James has collaboratively worked with American, Canadian and Australian military officers in Sierra Leone, as well as working with teams from diverse professional and personal experiences. As such, James has become excellent working across cultures and in interdisciplinary environments.