Francisca Mujawase - Research Officer

Francisca Mujawase is a Rwandan statistician specializing in Social Protection Financing. In her previous work, she served as a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor for the Human and Institutional Capacity Development Project (HICD/R) a USAID funded project in Rwanda prior to joining the International Labor Office in Kigali working as their Programme officer. Besides her permanent job experience recorded, she has worked on several consulting assignments focusing on research methods and design for national level and corporate impact assessments to inform policy change and organizational performance improvement. She has a master’s degree in social protection financing from the University of Mauritius, a diploma in the same academic background from the International training center for ILO in Turin, Italy, and a bachelor in Applied Statistics from the University of Rwanda. She has over 8 years of experience in development sector in Research work and monitoring and evaluation. At this stage in her career, she aspires to become a child protection activist by putting her research skills and experience to advocate for the rights of children in developing countries especially those in countries at war. Francisca is a gender activist and takes personal interest on gender dimension in development projects. She promote Imihigo model, a unique performance approach introduced and adopted by public institutions in Rwanda to monitor and report on desired performance results. She contributes to the body of Imihigo literature through a blog known as ImihigoYacu. Francisca is a co-founder and director of research at the Institute of Social Policy in Africa (ISPA) and volunteered for four years as a research convener for Graduate women international (GWI), local chapter for Rwanda. She is also a member of the executive committee for the International Association of Young Statisticians in Africa (IYAS) and a member of the African Group of Statisticians (AGROST).