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Sweet Sweet Salon*(Sweet Sweet Sierra Leone)

WRITTEN BY: Joseph Bangura.

Other I*EARN members singing were: Denis Turay, Sarah B., & Paul


Dis na di t?m
Wi f? kam tog?da
F?giv wis?f
Lan fr?m wi mistek
L? wi grap ?n go bifo naw
bakw?d n?va wit pis ?n wanw?d
L? wi kam ?n bil wi k?ntri Salon

Swit Swit Salon



Salon pipul
Dis na di t?m we wi f? ?mbres wis?f
m?k wi n? luk bi?n
M?k wi luk bifo f? b?t? tumara
f?giv you br?da wetin I bin d?n du you
m?k wi n? de t?n bad f? bad
De m?k tin de go bad

Mek wi no de riv?nj en mek
Tin de go rawnd ?n rawnd
Salon pipul duya wi de beg yu
You we d?n k?t yu an
Duya ?sh –o
Wi we l?s pr?pati
Duya wi de beg you

Dis na di t?m we wi f ? t ?n bak to papa God
Salon Pipul wi de beg yu
Dis na di t?m we wi f ? kam tog?da


Salon pipul m?k wi l?k wis?f
Salon pipul m?k wi yunayt
Dis na di t?m wi f? ?mbres wise?f
Lasti? pis na dis k?ntri salone
Swit Swit Salone








This is the time
We must come together
Forgive ourselves
Learn from our mistakes
Let us get up and move forward now
Backward never with peace and unity
Let us come and build our country Sierra Leone
Sweet sweet Sierra Leone



Sierra Leone people
This is the time we must embrace ourselves
Let us not look back
Let us look forward for a better tomorrow
Forgive your brother what he has done to you
Let us not return evil for evil
It makes things go bad

Let us not seek revenge
And make things go round and round
Sierra Leone people we are please begging you

You whose hands were cut off
Please accept our sympathy
Those of us who lost properties
Please, we are begging you

This is the time we must turn to our father God
Oh Yes
Sierra Leone people we are begging you
This is the time we must come together


Sierra Leone people, let us love ourselves
Sierra Leone people, let us unite
This is the time we must embrace ourselves
Lasting peace in this country
Sweet sweet Sierra Leone.









*Transcribed From English to Creole By:

Martin Kailie

Department of Linguistics

Fourah Bay College,

University of Sierra Leone.

English Language translation of the Song By Andrew Greene


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