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The Role of The Child Soldier in My Country's Brutal War.
By: Sulaiman Kenneth Kuteh, Age: 14 , Prince of Wales School (POW) Kingtom, Freetown

My name is Sulaiman Kenneth Kuteh and a Sthudent of the Prince of Wales School, Freetown. I will like to shed light on the issues of child soldiers.

Child soldiers are those children under the age of 18 who arcaptured and forcefully conscripted by elders into warring factions.

These conscripted children play unlimited roles on the battle ground. Child soldiers perform very important roles that cannot be done by elders.

Child soldiers of our age are commonly sent before hand to know about the ground or enemy position, where the enemy stays to study their movement. These children are very small and skillful in fighting. They are even used as human shield. child soldiers sometimes join all the warring factions to undergo all secrets in order to cause danger.

They are most poisonous since they lack second thought: 'burn houses, kill innocent civilians, take quick and fast actions' moreover, when they give them drugs like 'jamba' or cocain, they do things like cazy people and some were taken husband and wife more the teenage girls. they were given heavy ammunition and at other times especiialy light weapons to hold and carry easy.

If they are tired to carry, they kill them at times. They were always ready for destruction.


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