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Make a donation

All financial contributions to the Initiative, whatever the size, will help us do the research, training and advocacy needed to help eradicate the use of child soldiers. One-time donations or monthly contributions can be made in the following ways.

Donate now

Get creative: Organize a fundraiser

Organize a fundraiser, like a dance, community walk, concert, car wash, movie night, talent show, bake sale, garage sale or panel discussion. Connect with local businesses to see how they can assist or if they will match your final fundraised amount. Ask a professor if you can advertise your event prior to class. No amount of effort is too small. And remember to share with us your fundraiser and all its success. You can contribute the funds online.


Get informed, stay informed, and tell your friends.

We do not know until we become aware. Join us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to receive email updates. Browse our recommended books, films and resources. Then host a discussion group with friends to share what you have learned. Or create a blog or web site to share ideas on how your community can get involved.


Travel or participate in international internships and fellowships.

Experience firsthand the complex issues on the ground. When you return, share your newfound knowledge at your local school, university, church, community centre or public library by giving a presentation. Connect with local organizations to share your observations and proposed solutions.