Quick 5: Children Affected by Armed Conflict in the News

Dustin Johnson

July 28, 2023

By: Dustin Johnson

Read some of the top stories we are following around the world this week.

What should Europe do with the children of ISIS?

The 9-year-old boy didn’t like school. He didn’t like the other children, because he knew what they really were: evil unbelievers who deserved to die. So he did what he was trained to do — he attacked them. He was removed from the building on his first day back.

New York Times, July 23rd

Freed from ISIS, Yazidi women return in ‘severe shock’

The 16-year-old lies on her side on a mattress on the floor, unable to hold up her head. Her uncle props her up to drink water, but she can barely swallow. Her voice is so weak, he places his ear directly over her mouth to hear her.

The New York Times, July 27th

‘If you are old enough to carry a gun, you are old enough to be a soldier’

David Zelu, not yet 16 years old, looks up, smiles, and stretches his arms to the sky where the sun is finally breaking through the clouds.

The Guardian, July 24th

Escaping Boko Haram: The mother who hid her child in a ditch for nine months

When she heard reports that Boko Haram was approaching her home town three years ago, Zainabeu Hamayaji had to think quickly.

The Irish Times, July 22nd

Children pay high price in fight to take Raqqa from ISIS

Seven weeks into US-backed operations to capture Raqqa from so-called Islamic State (ISIS), more than 100 children are among the many civilians reported killed by heavy Coalition airstrikes and artillery fire targeting the city – as well as in actions by proxy SDF forces on the ground, and from attacks by ISIS itself.

Airwars, July 28th