Quick 5: Children Affected by Armed Conflict in the News

Dustin Johnson

August 04, 2023

By: Dustin Johnson

Read some of the top stories we are following around the world this week.

Army of bewitched children is target of Congo massacres -UN

A militia group blamed for atrocities in Congo is largely composed of children, while a militia formed to defeat it is suspected of a campaign of ethnically based massacres and rapes, U.N. investigators said on Friday.

Reuters, August 4th

Prospects for peace in South Sudan

Late last week, US Deputy Ambassador Michele Sison stood before the UN Security Council and renewed calls for the implementation of a 2015 peace agreement in South Sudan.

Political Violence at a Glance, July 31st

‘There are many other kids here’: Child tells of labor in Syria

The economic strain of Syria’s six-year civil war has encouraged hidden forms of child labor, as an increasing number of youngsters take up work in dim factory buildings, dusty workshops and in the dingy backrooms of Damascene cafes.

News Deeply, July 24th

Thousands of Syrian children in Jordan’s Za’atari camp missing out on education

Thousands of Syrian refugee children in Jordan are missing out on an education despite the provision last year of 75,000 new school places to cater for them.

The Guardian, July 29th

The makings of feminist foreign aid

A small trend is emerging to bring a feminist approach to international affairs. This is good. But what does it mean?

Oxfam America, July 31st