Child Protection Capacity Building in Somalia

The Dallaire Initiative’s work to build child protection capacity in Somalia through work with the Somali Federal Government and the African Union Mission in Somalia is discussed in this report. It discusses how AMISOM’s first Child Protection Advisor, a graduate of Dallaire Initiative training, has built collaborative relationships in Somalia, trained AMISOM and Somali government personnel, and helped improve the monitoring and reporting of children’s rights violations, leading to concrete successes in protecting children in Somalia.

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September 2017


Musa Gbow, Dustin Johnson, Dr. Shelly Whitman, and Darin Reeves.

Photo: Josh Boyter

Executive Summary

Read a short version of the report, with an overview of the Dallaire Initiative’s work in Somalia, the key impacts achieved so far, and moving forwards to better protect children in Somalia.

Photo: Claude Wauthier

Key Impacts

Read an overview of the key impacts in training, collaboration, and monitoring and reporting that the Dallaire Initiative’s work in Somalia has had.


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