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Children Becoming Soliders
By Prince Abu, age 18 of the Government Technical Secondary School, S.S.S.3
Freetown, Sierra Leone

A child soldier is often forced any armed group, for example in any
revolution like the past rebel crisis that was going on in our
country. During that time, they are captured at the very early age of
10years or even less. They will be forced and introduced to such
violence as sexual immorality, killing, attacking people for
their properties.

The war affected their lives as follows:

1. The using of bad drugs; for example cocaine, brown/brown etc.
2. Their future will be a failure in life
3. They will engage in sexual immorality and the girls are often raped .
4. Their education will be backward they will often not be under
parental control unless they are engaged in a place were they
can learn something like carpentry, tailoring ,engineering etc.

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