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Our writings section features stories addressing the issue of ChildSoldiers written by youth in Sierra Leone

The Gun

by Rashid Peters, a student of iEARN Sierra Leone

Can the gun be used as tool to find our daily bread

Can this combination of stick and iron be used to take peoples lives

What is this ordinary working stick that destroys a whole nation

That splits families and make friends separate for ever

It is a friend of a dictator and an enemy of a patriotic citizens

I really dont know weather gun and bomb producers

Enjoyed the money that bought the bomb,

The explosives in the frightful flight

That exploded the 'World Trade Centre',

The Pentagon and in Pensylvania

What about those wrecked many lives in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sumalia,

Or the terrorist explosions in the Middle East

Oh! in many other nations, not recountable

The hard feeling of knowing my friends and people killed

By people I dont know,

And are greedily wicked in the sale and production of The Gun.

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