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Our writings section features stories addressing the issue of ChildSoldiers written by youth in Sierra Leone

Child Soldier Scares the World

by Rashid Peters, a student of iEARN Sierra Leone

A walk around, no one buzzes

Silence! a bomb scare and puzzle

At the street

Fearing chasing footsteps, I retreat

A hand taking me from the back

A stab from the back

But it was in a sleep

I woke, sat on the floor and weep

Imagine, what this scarring was about

No need to doubt

The child soldier is in and out

Chasing people ready to make the gun shout

Shedding innocent blood , a menacing word and a fierce sword

Fighting as conscripted soldier

A little gun boy on hire

'And the evil that men do leaves after them'

And the evil that children copy leaves them to mayhem

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