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Our writings section features stories addressing the issue of ChildSoldiers written by youth in Sierra Leone

Thought for the Day

by Wilfred Mohamed Kuteh, a student of the Sierra Leone Grammar School and iEARN-Sierra Leone

My name is Wilfred Mohamed Kuteh, I am a 16 year old student of iEARN Sierra Leone. I am writing this in order to sensitize youngsters and also adults living in the globe as I have been doing in my own country. This is particularly for students involved in iEARN.

Half the world does not have enough food to eat. why? because of the conflicts in some of these countries. As a result of this, in Sierra Leone each year, thousands die young, as surely as if shot by guns of tyrants. It quite happens that many more are maimed for life by this conflict in body and spirit. we say to you, this suffering can and must be stopped. when all of us, whether we live with it or far away in the rich, well-fed, countries, make-up our minds to end this turmoil, we can do it.

The earth is ruled mainly by people out of touch with the young world. They know that many die and starve in their millions. But they think it more important to make guns, bombs, war ships, rockets to send us to fight one another, rathar than to provide seed and water, schools and hospitals, so that we might feed and not starve one another.

if you live in a rich country, demand adequate food for your fellows in poor countries and do not turn your back from poor people but instead provide them food, instead of guns so that the poor can work in their surroundings for development. Plan with them so that starting what little they have themselves can develop in body and spirit.

If you are educated in special knowledge and skills, do not accept the old priorities. know that science and technology that can send men into the moon, and space, need only to be released into the poor lands to work even greater miracle- see that your skills are used to help the needy.

Furthermore, if you are a young parent resolve to help the sufferings of children. know too, how to plan the size of your family, so that the progress of all is not compromised.

finally, I think that the division of the world into war and confusion must end and that the efforts equivalent to the many billions of dollars wasted on armaments are needed to develop the educational system in developing countries like sierra leone. I also think that if political or financial systems prevent a just distribution of education and wealth, those systems must be replaced.

Above all we are ready to work together in future for development of war affected countries AND WE demand that we be given the opportunity to do so. Mankind is one family in which each of us has the duty to help the other.

Thank you.

Wilfred Mohamed Kuteh.

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