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Our writings section features stories addressing the issue of ChildSoldiers written by youth in Sierra Leone

How I am Affected by the War

by Margaret N. Yovuwa in Freetown, Sierra Leone

My name Margaret Naomi Yovuwa. I am 21 yrs of age. I am now living at #57 Adelaide Street freetown. In the year 1994 January 14 me and my family were living in a village called Njala. On this particular day, rebels entered the town and killed my father so me and my mum having a lot of children with her by then we came in freetown and spent a whole time in the camps called [Grafton Camp]. as time goes on the 19 April the year 1997 rebel entered the camp again this time so I and my mum seperated from the camp up till now I did not see my mum, brother, sister.

Presently, I am living with a friend. I am trying my level best but I find it difficult with life even to continue my education I did not have money to so I decided to do business but did not have capital it only by the grace of God when I meet one coordinator of IEARN by the name of Andrew Benson Greene who is assisting in telecommunication in the iEARN SCHOOL. Sierra Leone.


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