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Our writings section features stories addressing the issue of ChildSoldiers written by youth in Sierra Leone

Commandant "Cut Head"

by Morray Amara Lahai age 20, Government Technical Institute, Freetown, Sierra Leone

A child soldier is is usually captured by rebels in Africa or by groups of war men when attacking a particular village or town in a country. This, the rebels and their leaders of Sierra Leone had done for the past ten years.

One day I went to Kenema district in a village called Dodo. Unfortunately as I arrived at the village that night the RUF rebel attacked the village. For my first time I saw some a child soldiers leading the attack to the town. One of the child soldiers was called 'commandant cut head'.

The war impact their lives by means of lack of education and they behave arrogantly and involve in thieving and the chopping of people's heads, cutting of people's feet just like wild animal. They have no control, and listen to no one's voice unless they finish their operation. So for that matter they are supposed to train a skill before they are fit to join the community.


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