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Our writings section features stories addressing the issue of ChildSoldiers written by youth in Sierra Leone

I Heard the Crouching of Their Footsteps

by Hisiaka A Sesay, age 15, Government Model Secondary School Freetown, Sierra Leone

I heard the crouching of their footsteps,
They knocked at my door.
' Open up'! They back like a barrel dog
Thirsty for my blood.
They say they are the expected uest
They took me away
My stars were down
As I lift up my feet towards them
'O my star'!
When shall we see again?
When shall we play again?
Soon I became victim of circumstance
'O it is a joke !'
' O it is sweet game to play'
I killed and raped,
'O it is a joke!'
Now I realised I have done wrong
' O my star'
' O my star'
When shall we meet again?
My hopes are down!

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