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Our writings section features stories addressing the issue of ChildSoldiers written by youth in Sierra Leone

Words of War

by Emile, age 16, Sierra Leone


A. Types of Soldiers:

1. Infantry soldier
2. arillery soldier
3. tank regiments

MY COMMENTS: children must not be part of this group!!

B. Weapons Used:

1. rifle
2. bayonet
3. grenade
4. mortar
5. anti- tank weapons
6. mines
7. machine-guns
8. pistol,revolver
9. tank

MY COMMENTS: children must not be allowed to use weapons!!

C. Rank of a Soldier:

1. non-commissioned officers [n.o.c]
2. private [with no stripes on his arm]
3. lance-corporal[with one stripe]
4. corporal [with two stripe]
5. sergeant [with three stripe]

MY COMMENTS: children must not be called by such ranks!!

D. The Rank of Officers:

1. second lieutenant 2. lieutenant
3. captain
4. major
5. leutenant-colonel
6. colonel
7. brigadier
8. general
9. field marshal

MY COMMENTS: children must not be called by such ranks!!

E. Key Words:

1. front line troops
2. airfield
3. artillery

MY COMMENTS: children must not make use of such millitary keywords that will likely influence them into being a part of the wars!!

F. Battle Words:

1. attack, retreat, fire, bombard, escape, ambush, trench, advance, disarm, surrender

MY COMMENTS: they all help to impart conflict in arms ideas in children!!

Stop using these words!

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