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Our images section features drawings addressing the issue of ChildSoldiers by youth in Sierra Leone

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Rashid thumbnail

Drawing of a child soldier shooting a mother and child by Rashid Peters, age 15.

Ernest thumbnail

Drawing of child soldiers firing at people trapped in an ambush by Ernest Foday Mannah, age 16.

Jane thumbnail

This drawing by Jane Peters clearly reveals child soldiers who fight as traditional hunters known here largely as 'KAMAJORS), and are often supportive of the democratic government. Led to take up arms for the most part because they are being suppressed by the militant rebels who make a whole onslaught on villages.

Julius thumbnail

This drawing by Julius Mannah demonstrates the consequences of a child soldier (REBEL) being caught by regular army or militia supportive of the government.

Julius thumbnail

This art work by Mohamed Kuteh portrays a vivid reality in situations where child soldiers (rebels) in particular, revel over their successful holding of militia men or armed men supportive of an opposition group into captive.

More drawings...

Emile thumbnail

Who Is To Blame?
by Emile Toby, age 16 of iEARN-Sierra Leone.

Wilfred thumbnail

In Pain and Fire
by Wilfred Kuteh of iEARN-Sierra Leone.

Ishamel thumbnail

No Childhood
by Ishamel A. Kamara, age 18 of iEARN-Sierra Leone.

Ishamel thumbnail

Rescue the Child Soldier!
by Ishamel A. Kamara, age 18 of iEARN-Sierra Leone.

Denis thumbnail

You Cannot Fight a Child Soldier When He Has a Gun
by Denis Turay, age 19 Student of Albert academy Secondary School.

Sulaiman thumbnail

Respect Human Rights
by Sulaiman Kenneth Kuteh, age 14, from Prince of Wales School.

Mustapha thumbnail

Children Should Not Be Used in Armed Conflict
by Mustapha Sesay, iEARN-Sierra Leone.


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