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A Glimmer of Hope ...
By Musa Kamara,Theatre Coordinator for Ex-Child combatant I*EARN Sierra Leone

I hope and trust that the New Year would bring glimmer of hope to the
children of the globe, especially Africa and war-affected areas. In certain
parts of the world, children have been relatively and reasonably cared for
both mentally and physically because certainly, they are being perceived as
future leaders that can replace them or occupy positions of trust.

My country Sierra Leone has gone through a bloody and bitter rebel conflict
for almost a decade, and yet still remains to discontinue the practice of
abducting and conscripting child, soldiers whom have been considered to have
committed wide-spread atrocities among the civilian population.

The warring factions still unclearly explain the reason why these children
were being abducted. They have been the unnecessary victims of circumstance.
Some of them have died due to the lack of resistance, some who have survived
have recounted terrible stories of atrocities being perpetuated. Certain
members from their ranks have done this act against their wishes.
Apparently, these are some of the most appalling causes this war has
indulged kids into.

The issue of raising awareness about child-soldiers cannot be emphasized.
The global community can however consider it a priority to ensure that they
be integrated back to society for our good and that of the future

If given the opportunity, I*EARN Sierra Leone together with its
international partners will love to constantly and theatrically
de-traumatize ex-child combatants employing peace and reconciliation drama
as a formidable tool.

By Musa Kamara,

Theatre Coordinator for Ex-Child combatant
I*EARN Sierra Leone

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