The Child Soldier: Our Writing
Giving Voice to Youth Affected by War


by Mohamed Bangura, age 17, W. A. M. Collegiate Secondary School SS(II) ARTS
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Sunshine is the state of hope

Sunshine is the state of grace

But why have you departed from me

Now is darkness around

I was arrested and carried away by strangers.

O they are my brothers

I was forced to danced to the beat of their music

We ate all the food left behind by my mother

And destroyed my very house

Now I know they are not my brothers

The strangers said they have gone to settle in peace

In their home town

Where would I hide my self against nightfall?

That these child soldiers have made.

O sun-shine o sun shine why have you departed from me

It is darkness around here,

My hopes are down

Never to meet sunshine again.

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The History of The Child Soldier Project

A Telecollaborative Project Between iEARN-Canada and iEARN-Sierra Leone