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Feedback about

Below is some of the feedback that we've recieved about the ChildSoldiers project. If you'd like to send your own feedback click here

Dear Bill and Andrew,

I think they should accept the refugees because you wouldn't like it if you were in there position. It was terrible what they were doing to the children in Sierra Leone and Burma. They were being under threat twenty-four seven and they should be moved with their family somewhere safe. I would hate to be in their situation because they are learning to be criminals.

From James in Australia

Dear Bill and Andrew:

Our group has visited your web sit and we have had a talk about all the things that are going on and these are some things we came up with.

Education: Every child should be able to have the opportunity to attend school and learn.

Family/security /love: Every one should have the opportunity to have a loving, safe and caring family.

Living standards: Every child should have the right to have a home (shelter), clothing and food.

Recreation: Children should have the opportunity to have a place to meet with their friends to have a good time and play sport.

Health: Every child should have the right to receive medicines and get help when they are sick.

Safety: Every child should be able to walk around the streets and feel safe and not be confronted with drugs.

Democracy: Children should have the right to say what they think and speak freely.

by Emma C., Emma L., Anthony E., Brenton G. in Australia

Dear Bill and Andrew,

I think that they should accept the refugees because they would not like to be in their situation. Besides you would not like to be getting threats every day and be scared of you and your families' safety. Also you are always changing you house and it would Get annoying after a while because you would lose all of your personal items.

From Ben in Australia

Dear Bill and Andrew,

I think the child soldiers should not go off to war or to be trained to fight they only kids they don't have no child hood to remembered they only know when to fight.

I think that in Sierra Leone instead of people buying guns they should buy food or pump-to-pump clean water. The kids should not fight because they is a high risk of dying in battle.

by Dean in Australia

Dear Bill and Andrew,

I don't think that it is fare that children should be trained to fight in wars and things like that. I think that they should at least wait until the children are grown up or 18 years old, And I think that they should be able to stay home on weekends with their friends or go to school, instead of wasting their lives fighting in wars when they will probably die.

By Zoe B., in Australia

Dear Bill and Andrew,

I don't think it fair that children should be trained to be terrorists to fight against other countries because it's not fair they should have a country full of peace and be allowed to run free and have a good education.

By Aaron

Dear Bill and Andrew,

I don't think that it is fair that children should have to give up some of the best years of their life training and fighting. They should be able to spend their time at school and at home with their friends. Every child should at least have good shelter, enough food and clean water. These should be the minimum standards of a normal child's life. A lot of them die because they don't have access to doctors and medicine. Compared to them it seems like we are living like kings and queens. Most of those children are growing up with no education so I don't think that they have a chance in life. I hope that in the future there would be no wars and people get the rights that they deserve.

By Meagan M., in Australia

Dear Andrew And Bill,

I think that the kids should put down the guns, and continue with their life and to continue with their education.

I also think they should be able to run free. They should also be happy and keep healthy and fit.

Emma L. in Australia

Dear Bill & Andrew,

How are you?

I don't think you should use child soldiers to help fight. Also they should let the refugees back into Burma and everyone's rights should be the same.

by Brooke in Australia

Dear Andrew & Bill,

Hi my name is Kate, Well I think that the problem in Sierra Leone is horrible because children should have the freedom to walk down the street without being scared.

Also the people that take to the kids must not have a heart, and to think that kids have to go and be trained to fight at the age when they should playing with other kids and not thinking about the next fight they will be fighting or they next person that they will be killing but thinking of the next feed they will be having or the next time they will be seeing their best friends.

So I think something has to be done to stop these people taking these innocent kids from their loving families.

by Kate, in Australia

Dear Bill,

My name is Rashid Peters and I am writing this letter with my firend Mohamed Kuteh who you already know. I was the one who draw one of the drwings.

We sent you christmas greetings and compliments of the season. we have visited our website and saw the contributions of ours. we are so happy to see our drawings and writings and we know that our writing will help to create a focus of attention on our plight.

We also saw the nice picture of you and andrew at the high and great walls in China and links that will hopefully carry 'OUR VOICES' to many people with some of the songs our teacher Andrew have posted. we hope it gets to you soon and helps to create the funding we need for iEARN Sierra leone needs.

We are now on holidays and hope to continue our contribution in early January. Our teacher Andrew told us that we should not type our stories in caps it will mean shouting. well, we really want to shout because people will know that children are here who are really suffering because of the war.

Thank you Mr Bill Belsey.

Rashid Peters and Mohamed Kuteh.

We shall send some photos later.

Mr. Belsey,

I am a university student in Edmonton, Canada. I have recently started volunteering with Amnesty International by going out to high schools and talking about our organization.

Some students have expressed interest in learning about the use of child soldiers and I was wondering what resources you would recommend for investigating the topic. If there is anything that I could do to assist your project, I would be happy to help.

Thanks for your time,

Rob Freeman

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