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Below is some of the feedback that we've recieved about the ChildSoldiers project. If you'd like to send your own feedback click here

Dear Andrew and Bill

Hi, my name is Amy. My point of view on the Sierra Leone is very awful. Children should have there own choice of what they do in life. Being stolen from their parents and homes then made to be a soldier to kill people and steel is horrible and disgusting. Knowing that you could be killed at any moment and only being young not having the chance to live the rest of your life is very sad. Something has to be done about this. Children have also had their mind tortured with to believe that killing people for money is everything and education is not part of life.

Thankyou for reading my point of view on this disaster and may things change for these poor children. Thankyou

Amy B., Australia

Dear Andrew and Bill

Hi, I'm lucy. Well I think that the problem in Sierra Leone is very horrible because children are being forced to be soldiers and I think they should have their freedom to do what ever they want. It is also sad because the children are not getting a good enough education. I think it is very horrible that the children are being stolen out of their homes and taken away from their parents. It is sad that the children have been made to believe that money and diamonds are better than an education. I hope that one day there will be world peace.

From Lucy L., Australia

Dear Bill, Andrew and Everyone at the Child Soldiers Project,

I am a student at Robert Wagner Jr. High School....I live in NYC, Queens. I was moved by all the outreach and communication by all of you so I looked up "Child Soldiers" in different search engines and came up with your website...Your work is amazing and I am verry impressed! I also found another Web site, see below, that I hope you will find it as intresting and touching as i have.

Thank you. - Alison-

This is the site:



I am glad you liked our website We have so much pains sharing this experiences. My name is Emile Toby. I am 18 and lost my father during the decade long civil war in Sierra Leone .if you visit our Web site, you will see my drawing and writing. It 's really difficult here to get internet access. How can you help promote our education? In a few weeks I will be driven from my class because I can no longer pay fees. I fend for last and keep in touch . Ia m sure Uric my colleague and other war-affected children will appreciate your feedback . Your e-mail address suggest something peaceful. Please contact me soon.

Emile Toby, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Mr. Greene my teacher and coordinator is trying to get computers, but still there little hope for now.

Dear Bill and Andrew,

I think the boys should not have to do war. I think it is not nice to get killed when you are 12 years old and younger.

I think they should not be killed or moving around away from family. I would not to be in their shoes because you will not have a happy life. I think it is not good what is going on Afganistan in the schools where kids are trained to be terrorists. There are more bombs going on there than were you are in Sierra Leone at the moment. I think the Karen refugees should be able to go into Burma to live safely. Some of them have had to chose to be soldiers too.

From Brenton, Australia

Dear Bill and Andrew,

Our group discussed about what is happening in our world and we looked at your web site. These are some of the things that we have came up with.

Education: Every child should be provided with the opportunity to learn and to get a good education, and the facilities to help learn.

Family/ security/ love: Every child should be able to go home to a loving and safe place to live.

Living standards: Every child should have clean water, fresh food and a variety of food to eat.

Health: Every child should be immunised when born so they don't get diseases, and have facilities such as medicines and equipment for injuries.

Safety: Every child should be able to live in safety, such as around the area they live in.

Recreation: Every child should have time after school to have fun and be safe around their area.

Democracy: Every child and adult should have their own freedom of speech with out being harmed, or to have to move from their homes.

By Sally B., Claire A. and Toby O. in Australia

Dear Andrew and Bill,

Here is what our group believes should be the rights of all children.

Every chid should have the right to be provided with the opportunity to learn to read, write, do maths and go to school.

Every family should be provided with a shelter. Every child should have and enough food and water to satisfy them.

Every child should feel that someone really cares about them. Children should feel safe in there own house.

Every child should have the right to play games with friends and not be made to work until they are about 15 years old.

by Scott M, James M, Brenton S, and Bronn F. in Australia

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