The Child Soldier: Our Writing
Giving Voice to Youth Affected by War


Who Is a Child Soldier?
by Cynthia Mallah, age 17, Form 1, Government Model secondary school

A Child takes up arms, either when forced or voluntarily. i.e. under below
the age of 18 yrs are engage in war with arms and ammunition for eg- the
war in Sierra Leone involve a lot of child soldiers.

The war impact their lives mentally as they lack education and technical
training. The drugs, alcohol in their system, which they take, disturb their
minds and behavior towards their fellow companions and they usually carry
them to doing any thing. They do not participate in any social activities.
Moreover they are no longer thinking about religion as they always thinking
about war and order bad activities.

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The History of The Child Soldier Project

A Telecollaborative Project Between iEARN-Canada and iEARN-Sierra Leone