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Child of Light
A Song To Promote Hope and Healing-and to support full Recovery of youth from all wars...

By Blair (Age- 17/ American Songwriter & Youth Producer) From
The "Beyond All Borders" Campaign for Peace...and to support your Project!

Child of sorrow
Child of war
Can you tell me what they're fighting is for?

Learn to live together
In the light of a New Day
And the weapon we call hatred
Will be gone like yesterday...

Child of War
And Poverty
Can you feel the light that shines in you and me?

Now is the time
To lay down your arms and pray
And the peace we build together
Will bring forth
A Brand New Day

And I know
With a peaceful fight
This child of war
Becomes A Child of the Light

So come one, Come All
And Sing with me
Do I have to fight for peace?
Now is the time for love and harmony
Our pain shall be released.

Oh Child of Peace
Your pain shall be released
You are A Child of War no more...

War No More
War No More
War No More


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