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Child Soldiers: The Solutions to the Problem
by Alpha Sesay, a student of the Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, Freetown

Having highlighted the factors responsible for the
involvement of children in armed conflicts, it is now
necessary to address the solutions to the problem.
In the first place, there is a need to highlight the
role to be played by the parents. The parents have an
important role to play in this. As the home is the
first place of socialization for the child, the
parents have a role of giving the child the best human
culture possible. They must ensure that the child
inculcates the best human culture possible. They have
a responsibility of ensuring that the child is kept
from the street as well as ensuring that they get a
good childhood, devoid of maltreatment, abuse of
rights etc. The parents have a role of setting the
brightest example for their children so that a good
representation will be made of the homes by the

The schools have a duty of ensuring that a good
education is given to the child, reflective of the
existing conditions in the society. This will include
their duties as good citizens, civic education, peace
building etc .The teachers also have a role of setting
bright examples for their students. With this, the
children can be good vehicles to educate the wider

The children also have to realize that the future
belongs to them and that if they do not identify
themselves as responsible members of society, their
roles will never be appreciated.

The authorities i .e the government have a very
important role to play in this .Government has a
primary responsibility of taking care of it's citizens
and this has to be done bearing in mind the rights of
each person irrespective of status, sex etc. The child
has a right to a good social life, good education and
a right to shelter .Good facilities have to be put in
place to ensure that the child becomes a responsible
member of society .Basic education has to be free and
compulsory for children. Rehabilitation homes have to
be set up to cancel those already traumatized. The
government must ensure that there is a violent free
society for all. If these are put in place, children
will make a better life.

The society around them needs to be a decent one.
It therefore becomes the duty of all members of
society to ensure that children are protected
.Everybody should be his or her brother's keeper .We
must all note that whatever happens to children
affects the whole society. We must ensure that the
rights of the children are highly protected. For those
violating the rights of children, they must be brought
to book. Justice must not only be done, but must be
seen to be done.

These are a few solutions, more will be brought up
later. If these ones are taken consideration of, then
we'll have a better society.

Alpha Sesay
Fourah Bay College-USL
FReetown,Sierra Leone.


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